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In 1992, Jordan again returned to the Olympics. This time as a full professional — Jordan was part of the ‘Dream Team’. The US easily won the Olympic gold — with their opponents often admitting they felt honoured to be on the same court as Michael Jordan and the ‘dream team’. However, in 1993, a series of personal difficulties caused him to temporarily retire from the game. His father was murdered during an armed robbery, devastating Jordan who saw his father as his closest confidant. He was also struggling with his own gambling issues. Female definition the original iron man mug. For a short time, he made a foray into baseball, playing the 1994 season for the Birmingham Barons. But, in the 1994–95 season, he came back to his primary love — basketball. Despite losing some of his youthful speed, Jordan still had the magic touch and led the Chicago Bulls to the semifinals with some stellar performances. The next year, 1995–96, he led the Chicago Bulls to another title.

Female definition the original iron man mug

In the 1940s, Bergman wrote to the influential Italian director Roberto Rossellini praising his work and suggesting that they make a film together. In 1950, they filmed Stromboli (1950) together and she also began an affair with Rossellini, which resulted in boy — Robertino Rossellini, born in 1950. Shortly after his birth, she divorced Lindstrom and married Rossellini. She gave birth to twin daughters in 1952. Her affair with Rossellini and divorce had a devastating impact on her carefully cultivated image and popularity. From being the angel of Hollywood, she was criticised and censored, at a time when there was a stricter morality about divorce. She was even denounced on the floor of the US Senate by Charles H.Percy who stated she was “a powerful influence for evil.” (22 years later he would enter an apology in the Congressional Record.) Towards the end of her life Bergman would wryly remark that her public image went.

At the height of the cold war, the US was deeply alarmed by having a near neighbour become a Soviet-allied Communist state. The US responded by imposing economic sanctions and sponsoring attempts to assassinate Castro and overthrow Castro’s regime. This culminated in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, which was promoted by the CIA and Cuban rebels. The invasion was a military disaster and embarrassment to the US and only served to strengthen Castro’s position. In the eyes of many Cubans, Castro became a heroic figure for standing up to American aggression. In 1962, Castro agreed to the Soviet Union placing nuclear warheads on Cuban soil. This provoked a diplomatic showdown as the US were concerned about having nuclear warheads moved so close to its territory. Female definition the original iron man mug.

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After a break from Hollywood, she returned to feature in Anastasia (1956) this gained her a second Academy Award for Best actress. In 1958, she was the presenter of Academy Award for Best Picture, receiving a rapturous welcome, indicating her return to Hollywood’s affections. Her later film career involved a variety of roles, illustrating her adaptability and flexibility. She alternated between European and American films and also featured in stage productions and some TV work. She spoke five languages (Swedish, German, French, Italian and English) and featured in films with different languages. In 1974, she received her third Oscar for her role in “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974). She refused the role of Princess Dragomiroff, choosing instead the much small role of Greta Ohlsson, an old Swedish missionary. It was typical of Bergman, she was careful of the roles she played and chose them for many reasons — not just which would be most successful or highly paid.

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