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FDR was keen for America to become a good citizen of the world and fight for certain freedoms. However, in the early 1940s, America still retained a very strong isolationist approach and, in 1940, he campaigned for re-election promising to stay out of World War Two — despite his own dislike of Nazi Germany. However, in 1941 as Britain’s situation deteriorated, FDR did skillfully negotiate a generous lend-lease programme which helped Great Britain financially, when it stood alone against Hitler. Roosevelt used the analogy of lending a neighbour a hosepipe when their houses were burning down. Poster Miniature schnauzer Easily distracted by dogs and wine. His skill helped pass the bill through a reluctant Congress. The bombing of Pearl Harbour in December 1941, completely changed the outlook of America. F.D.R wasted no time in declaring war on Japan and then Germany as well.

Poster Miniature schnauzer Easily distracted by dogs and wine

He became absorbed in art and would prioritise it over more mundane matters. Van Gogh struggled to hold down a regular job. For example, he lost his position as an art dealer after quarrelling with a customer. He also had short-lived jobs as a supply teacher and priest. Not holding a regular job, he relied on financial help from his close brother Theo. Theo was generous to his brother throughout his life — often sending money and painting materials. With his brothers financial backing, in 1888 Van Gogh travelled to Arles in the south of France, where he continued his painting — often outside — another feature of the impressionist movement. This was a prolific period for Van Gogh; he could paint up to five paintings per week and he enjoyed walking in the countryside and getting inspiration from nature — such as the corn harvest. He drew everything from nature, portraits of friends, everyday objects and the vast night sky.

Many scholars rate Roosevelt as the greatest US President of all time (or at least in the top 3). He navigated the US through one of the most difficult challenges in world history. Strengthening US democracy at a time when many countries embraced fascism. He also laid the foundation of Federal support for the unemployed and the beginnings of a social safety net, which helped keep the country together during a time of economic catastrophe. Roosevelt also was also highly instrumental in leading the US war effort against Japan and Germany. He was a skilled diplomat and successfully worked with Churchill and Stalin in one of the most important alliances in military history. When Roosevelt took office in 1932, the US was in a deep depression and isolated on the world stage. When he died in 1945, the US had emerged as the world’s dominant economic and political superpower. , and as the US emerged as the domininant military force, he was the most powerful voice of the Allies. Poster Miniature schnauzer Easily distracted by dogs and wine.

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It was during these last two years of his life that Van Gogh was at his most productive as a painter. He developed a style of painting that was quick and rapid — leaving no time for contemplation and thought. He painted with quick movements of the brush and drew increasingly avant-garde style shapes — foreshadowing modern art and its abstract style. He felt an overwhelming need and desire to paint. Roosevelt died unexpectedly from a massive brain haemorrhage in April 1945, just before the first meeting of the United Nations. His death stunned the world and he was remembered as a champion of freedom and a man of humanity and optimism.

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