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Margaret Sanger was a birth control activist, writer and nurse. Her efforts to popularise birth control led to the legalisation of contraception and a revolutionary change in family planning. She established the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and encouraged George Pincus to develop the contraceptive pill. Golden Retriever I am your friend your partner poster. She is considered the founder of the modern birth control movement. Margaret Sanger was born in 1879 in Corning, New York. Her parents were Irish-American. Her mother, Anne, was Catholic, but her father Michael was more of a free thinker who became an activist for women’s suffrage. Her mother gave birth 18 times — 7 of whom died early. When she was only 50 years old her mother passed away from tuberculosis, Margaret, who nursed her mother during her final years, felt the suffering of repeated childbirth contributed towards her ill health and early death. At her mother’s funeral, she said to her father “You caused this. Mother is dead from having too many children.”

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Fidel Castro (August 13, 1926–2016 ) Cuban revolutionary and President of Cuba. Castro led Cuba in a Communist revolution which led to a profound change in the economic and political fortunes of the country. Castro reorganised the economy on Marxist-Leninist principles. He is lauded by many for promoting education, social values, egalitarianism and standing up to ‘US imperialism’. He is also criticised by many for the suppression of dissent, lack of democracy and a worsening economy, which has led many Cubans to flee the country. While in prison he founded the “26th of July Movement” (MR-26–7) which became a study group for Marxist ideals, with Castro as its leader.

On his release, he travelled to Mexico where he joined with Che Guevara and his brother Raul Castro to form a revolutionary movement, committed to the ideals of Marxism-Leninism. The aim of the group was to overthrow the ‘Capitalist-Imperialist’ regimes and replace them with a Communist government which would promote the welfare of the ordinary workers and peasants. In Cuba, resentment at Batista’s dictatorship grew, and in 1959, Castro was a leading figure in the Cuban revolution which successfully overthrew Batista and led to Castro emerging as the dominant military and political leader. Golden Retriever I am your friend your partner poster. On 16 February 1959, he was sworn in as Prime Minister of Cuba. On consolidation of power, Castro introduced sweeping economic reforms — a planned Communist state, which would guarantee health care, a sweeping growth of education and social services for all. Foreign investors were prohibited from further foreign land ownership. Land ownership was limited, and around 200,000 peasants were given land ownership. However, he soon reneged on his promises of democracy — stating elections were not necessary because he had obvious popular support. In Castro’s eye, he was a democrat because he felt he had the majority of people on his side, but opposition parties were made illegal and political opponents arrested.

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Margaret attended St Mary’s school in Corning and was embarrassed at her poverty and tattered clothing compared to her classmates. Seeking to escape the closed family life of her home town, she left Corning and studied to be a nurse in the Catskills. She gained work as a nurse visiting slum housing on the East side of the city. The experience of visiting the slums illustrated the depth of poverty in America and she became active in left-wing politics. She joined the New York Socialist Party and took part in supporting industrial action by striking textile workers. She also supported women’s suffrage campaigns. Her work as a nurse also illustrated the impact of unwanted pregnancies on young girls. She was particularly concerned about the dangers of backstreet abortions which were common at the time. In her role as a nurse, she often had to deal with the consequences of young girls who visited back-street, illegal abortions. Also, she had to nurse those girls who couldn’t afford the $5 for an illegal abortion and tried rudimentary home methods of abortion.

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